01. Can I [offer] you something to drink?
02. The young man placed an [offering] of flowers and rice in front of the alter to his ancestors.
03. Some guy made Sharon an [offer] of 1,500 bucks for her car, but she wants at least $2,000.
04. The old woman [offered] the young boy some money to cut her grass, but he refused, saying it was unnecessary to pay him.
05. Sibongile [offered] to do house-cleaning for him in return for his help with her essay.
06. The Norwegian Navy [offered] assistance to the Russians in rescuing the sailors, but the officer in charge denied it was needed.
07. The governor has [offered] his sympathy to the parents of the children lost in the fire.
08. Gail Rogers has been [offered] the job of head sales rep but has not yet accepted the position.
09. The university now [offers] many of its courses online.
10. Our summer programs [offer] children the opportunity to try a variety of sports and activities under the supervision of our highly trained staff.
11. The Mafia chief said that they would make the man an [offer] he couldn't refuse.
12. The Foreign Minister [offered] to resign but the Prime Minister refused to allow it.
13. The Bay is [offering] a 25% discount on all clothing bought before midnight tonight.
14. Marshall McLuhan suggested that politics [offers] yesterday's answers to today's problems.
15. There is a Chinese proverb which says that if you have nothing else to [offer] me, [offer] me your smile.
16. There is a Lithuanian proverb which says that if you [offer] a lazy man an egg, he'll want you to peel it for him.
17. Albert Einstein was [offered] the presidency of Israel in 1952.
18. In Burundi, to refuse an [offer] of beer is considered an insult.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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